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Hello all, welcome to another post on writing inspiration. In a search to find people to review my novel, I came across a site with a form to fill out in order to submit. I “carefully” filled it out and sent it in, only to find the site hadn’t been updated in several months. Not wanting to deprive the public of my “wisdom,” I’ve posted the interview in its entirety below. Enjoy and please accept my preemptive apologies.

1. Tell us about your new book “Ordinance 93” in one sentence:

A new law prevents pregnancies without permission, and four people are about to break it.

2. What genre is it?

A combination of lit, thriller, future, and dystopia.

It’s “Brave New World” with more women and “Atlas Shrugged” with less pages/preaching/brilliance (if you’re into that sort of book)

3. What kind of readers will it appeal to?

The kinds who are sick of reading books about nothing. The four main characters – did I mention that most, aka three, are women – are living in a world that is self-destructing around them and desperate to flee before they become the next victims. Plus, it has jokes with swears in them. Just cuz.

4. Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love my book.

The aforementioned, plus it’s a lot like “Agenda 21” without the contained scenery. In “Ordinance 93” the main characters take part in a cross-country chase and illuminate what the country has come to. I also created this work with Joss Whedon in mind in a similar fashion that Dr. Frankenstein created the Creature.

5. Tell us a bit more about your main character(s) and their writing inspiration.

Much of the story is seen through the eyes of Justin Winters, the father and a simple man who never thought he would be the subject of national attention. He’s also got an unwavering sense of right and wrong with a temper to contradict it. The women known only as Spring, Summer, and Fall are his accomplices, each with her own reason for defying the new law. While some may speculate the four are involved in some strange group sex situation, they are more accurately portrayed as playing a game of Hide The Baby.

6. How much of you – or the person you wish you were – is in your main character?

If I could be anyone, it would be a mix of Margaret Atwood, Gwen Stefani, and any actress who has hooked up with Johnny Depp, Josh Duhamel, and any/all of the sexy AND grown-up vampires.

7. Have you written any other books that we should read next?

This is my first novel in publication, although I have a short story due out in the “Tides of Possiblity Sci-Fi Anthology,” a short film in production, and other screenplays on body switching, underground chick prison, etc.

8. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I attended the University of Houston where I was overwhelmed by the talent of the faculty and peers. I currently coerce people into letting me write and design their websites, promo materials, articles, and such.

9. Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

Click on the newly updated homepage if you dare….

10. How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?

Links on the site, or @lfabry93 and Facebook. Really, any internet search with my name in it turns up me.

11. Where can we buy your book?

You can get it on Amazon and on B&N soon. Or in person if we bump into each other. Free kiss with every purchase.

12. How easily do new storylines and writing inspiration come to you? If we give you four random words
– Man, Woman, Mexico, Future – can you give us a brief storyline?

Who gave you the writing inspiration for my book?!?

However, “Ordinance 93” was almost about a man and woman who time travel to future Mexico to see how all those taco, burrito, and donkey show jokes have ruined the world.

13. What’s next?

Probably a beer and a few games of Ping-Pong. My tip on both: Get low and use your legs for maximum fun!

14. If there’s a question you feel we should have asked you, please enter it below, along with a response.

Am I this eccentric in real life? Probably. Does this mean I don’t take writing seriously? Absolutely not. I love it more than beer and Ping-Pong.

Ordinance 93 ThumbnailL. Fabry is the author of Ordinance 93, a novel set in a world where having a baby without permission is against the law and the first four people to break it. She also writes about everything from reaction injection molding to low fat recipes while indulging her need for creative outlets including novels and screenplays. Find out more on Twitter.

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