Ordinance 93 - Want a baby? Get permission. Four people are about to break this law.

With the blessing of the 55th President of the United States, the newly formed Office of Familial Equality promises to end all the nation’s problems including poverty and illness with the Family Protection Act. The only catch is all pregnancies must be registered and approved.

All eyes turn to the first person to break the law, Justin Winters, an electrician suddenly turned subject of national attention. Joining him in the escape are the women known only as Spring, Summer, and Fall as they work together to run from the bureaucracy and national spotlight that pursues them.

Once the secretary of the OFE learns Winters has tested positive for causing multiple unregistered pregnancies, he comes after him full force, as the future of the Act rests upon if and how Winters and the women are brought in. Their successful defiance would lead to more defectors, their capture providing an opportunity to make an example of them all.

With little more than the clothes on their backs, the four set off on a quest for freedom and to keep the identity of the mother a secret. Most of all, they are running from an ordinance in the law which threatens what they hold most dear.

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The Devil in the Doorway - Short Film

Written by Chase Tarca and Lilia Fabry

A young burnt-out journalism student must write a compelling essay to win a prestigious scholarship. When he digs into family secrets, what he finds horrifies and enrages him, as well as shines a light on what kind of man he is turning into.

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The Diner - Short Film

Written by: Theodora Georgescu and L. Fabry

Directed by: Harshad Mahadeshawar

A group of friends find themselves in hell and must resort to soul searching, attempted murder, and please to an over-worked overlord for escape.

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Created for the 48 Hour Film Project
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Summons - Short Film

Written by: Ashley Summer and L. Fabry

In the near future an ancient Mayan mask can show images of a future crime. A jury is tasked with putting on the mask one by one and identifying the guilty party among them.

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Created for the 48 Hour Film Project
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scifi anthology TOP

Tides of Possibility - Sci-Fi Anthology

These thirty stories and poems have a tidal pull that will upraise your mind in a celestial rhythm as smooth as the phases of the moon. The gravity of this anthology will draw you fast through dynamic alternate possibilities—from the gibbous tales of D. L. Young’s The Reader and L. Fabry’s House of Tin, to the crescent stories of Imaginary Numbers by Corinn Heathers and The Color of Silence by Mandy Broughton—and set you safely among cerebral poems like those of Richard King Perkins II and John Grey. Proudly independent, Tides of Possibility has been produced thanks to generous crowdfunding and hard volunteer work by the Houston Writers Guild, from SkipJack Publishing. It is an anthology from the future, where independent publishing is the powerhouse of the industry, and its writers are the voices of tomorrow.

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