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Those of you who follow my ramblings here may not know that I also blog on two others! Yes, I’m a cheater, but what can I say? I’m in semi-demand. Ish. Anywho, if you can’t get enough of my binary babbling, check me out on these two sites:

1. American Journal

I’ll skip the obligatory humming of “America….F Yeah!” and just say that it is a privilege to be selected for this great publication. Big thanks to Allen and Robert for having faith in me! And if you need to see how crazy they let me get, be sure to check out:

Dueling ‘Junk’ is Just the Start: 15 Animals With Unique Traits


Other Religious Ceremonies That Shouldn’t be Done by the Government

2. Latina Madre

I’ve also been blogging for this site on parenting from a Latina point of view. Since I have nephews, Mexican roots, and tons of recipes, I seem to be finding plenty to write about.

My faves include:

Low Fat Empanadas – They’re awesome and good for dinner, lunch, and especially as hang over food. Not that I would know…

How to Grow Trinidad Scorpion Peppers – They’re CALIENTE and make for some awesome salsa.

And if you need to stay up to date with all my ramblings, they can be found on my Twitter feed.

Ordinance 93 ThumbnailL. Fabry is the author of Ordinance 93, a novel set in a world where having a baby without permission is against the law and the first four people to break it. She also writes about everything from reaction injection molding to low fat recipes while indulging her need for creative outlets including novels and screenplays. Find out more on Twitter.

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