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Hello all, we at Micro-Immortality are constantly attempting to give you tools on how to write, but today we are talking about how to read. As a writer and lover of reading, I’m constantly bombarded with tools to help read a book, including e-readers, file converters, and apps. Today, we’ll be looking at speed reading apps that can help you read a book faster than ever before.

So how do these amazing apps work? Think of them as a treadmill for reading. You load them into your phone, iPad, tablet, or whatever device you are e-reading from. You then load your current work into the app – and poof – the app will display each word, one word at a time to get you to read a book faster than ever before.

The Good Part When You Read a Book With a Speed Reading App

It’s no joke, these apps will really get you reading faster and save you tons of time. The key is to relax and let the app do the work, you will get accustomed to it. And just like a real treadmill, you’ll find your ability to read faster increase!

The Bad Part When You Read a Book With a Speed Reading App

The downside to all this speed when you read a book is that your ability to comprehend what you are reading decreases. This is to be expected, since subject heavy books, like my current installment on my book review shelf, A Pius Man by Declan Finn, need a pause or two to consider what has just been read. However, the apps do come with a pause feature, if you need to do just that. You can also set them to read slower or faster, depending on your needs.

The Verdict on When You Read a Book With a Speed Reading App

I would recommend using a speed reading app when reading something general, like a newspaper or business article that needs to be read for educational purposes. However, if you enjoy your reading time and love to smell the roses during your favorite books, read the old-fashioned way.

Read a Book With These Speed Reading Apps

Speed Reader – This free Android app is a top rated choice.

Balto Speed Reading – Costing only $0.99 for Android phones, this top rated app comes with tons of features.

Velocity – For you iPhone users, this top rated speed reading app also has tons of features, but if you must get free, there are plenty of selections in the iTunes store.

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