Welcome to another blog post on freebies and free stuff for writers. We’ve recently discussed how to get lots of free stuff just for writers including an MS Office app for your Android phone, and now it’s time for something really great. Today’s entry is about how to get MS Office 360 with no charge whatsoever!

Pro’s of the Freebie

With MS Office 365 you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and even PUBLISHER. You also get SkyDrive and Skype, which are free anyway but still good programs for backup/cloud storage and video/phone/chatting, respectively. This package all together can cost hundreds of dollars!

Con’s of the Freebie

As with most freebies for writers, there are some catches. This software is only free for one year, then users will have to purchase the entire version. However, you are not required to purchase all the programs you use, and many – like PowerPoint and Outlook – can be replaced with free alternatives that are just as good, like Prezi and Thunderbird, also respectively. The biggest con of the freebie is that it is ONLY GOOD FOR THOSE WITH AN IPAD. Tablet, Kindle, and other smart device users are SOL.

How to Get the Freebie

Another con of the freebie is that you have to PHYSICALLY BRING IN YOUR IPAD to your nearest Microsoft store, and they will install your software. It’s only good for the first 50 people in each participating store. To save yourself a trip, go here and find your nearest store, call to make sure they are participating AND have not reached their 50 limit before getting in your car.

Verdict on the Freebie for Writers

Get it if you need it. And if I had an iPad I would, if only to see how the Publisher and other programs perform for my writing needs.

These freebies for writers ends March 28, 2014

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