In keeping with my mission to find and rate freebies for writers, I came across this little Android app. And as part of the Amazon app store deal of the day, it is free.

If you’re like me and constantly reaching for the thesaurus or would like to make your phone game time more useful, check out the app WordsWorth – no relation to the poet.

It is described as:
Calling all Word champs! Experience the thrill of wordplay as you link letters to trace words on a beautiful honeycomb structure. Create longer words with rare letters to earn hefty points. Earn various bonuses like Line Creeper, Flowerpot and Palindroma! Challenge your friends on Android or iOS and become a whiz with words!

It may seem tempting to get, after all it is free, but it only has two of five stars. One reviewer has complained that it ” is a supposed “full version” game that has more Adware and Spyware than most “free” games!”

In short, if true, this ad and spy ware will slow down your phone and be more of a hassle to you than a benefit.

My recommendation: Skip this freebie for writers even at this price and opt for better apps. Here are two good ones:

Android app for words: 4 Pics 1 Word

This fun little app is a top rated choice at the Google Play store and gives users the simple challenge of figuring out what word unites the four shown pictures. A great internal thesaurus builder!

Android app for the brain: Mind Games

The name says it all as users are challenged to go outside the thinking box to solve a host of mind-themed games guaranteed to make you smarter. (Time you’ll remain smarter not guaranteed).

The Wordworth freebie for writers ends today.

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