L. Fabry grew up in Houston, TX where she spent her time watching the “Muppet Babies” and reading awesome books. Soon after her thoughts went something like: “That was great! But what if they did this?” A writer was born. At the age of 12 she had already written and self-published (by hand) over 10 exciting short stories, printed (by hand) several editions of her own newspaper, and staged a Western at a local theater about a cowboy named Tex. Despite a dry spell in the rebellious teen years, Lilia left an affluent student career in business to return to her first love. She graduated from the University of Houston with a writing degree and was astounded by the talent of the faculty and her peers. Throughout her various careers, including grant writer, waitress, bank clerk, bartender, and currently freelance fanatic, she has remained true to her first love.

Current works include “Ordinance 93,” a novel set in the future where it is forbidden to have a baby without permission. The first four people to break it are a man and three women who go on the run to escape the law and its brutal supporters – and to keep the identity of the mother a secret.

She also co-wrote “The Devil in the Doorway,” a short film about a journalism student who must write a compelling, personal essay in order to win a scholarship. When he uncovers a family secret long hidden, what he finds infuriates him…until he finds out how close he is to it.

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L. Fabry

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